About Us

Ten years ago, while living in Downtown Denver, I was in the market for a new yoga mat and I found everything available was so boring. Having a degree in graphic design and designing t-shirts for 12 years, I came up with the idea to design printed yoga mats.

I was traveling over 100k miles a year for work and ultimately shelved the idea. Flash forward to today, married with two boys under the age of four, an English Bulldog and surviving two home renovations, I figured it's now or never!

We design and print all of our mats in Sunny Southern California. Our designs are completely original.

The photography we use is taken locally in Southern Cali or on our travels. We use the newest LED UV print technology on all of our mats. That means our prints are flexible, they will withstand the elements and most importantly, they are environmentally safe!!. The print also gives the mat a sticky texture which is great for grip!

Our stylish mats are extra versatile making them great for all types of yoga and any indoor and outdoor training.

So get out there and let’s make your fitness journey a beautiful thing!


Lilac Project